How to Grow Facial Hair Naturally Using Home Remedies


Do you have facial hair problems? Do you see other people with good beards and want to grow one but are unable to do so. Sometimes you wonder how to grow facial hair and how to increase facial hair growth. Do you ever wonder what the problem with your hair growth is? Genetics and hormones have their effects, not everyone has lots of facial hair or a good hair growth. Observing your family members can tell you a lot about your hair growth genetics.Not every two people are the same, some people have slow and less hair growth and some have fast and thick hair growth. Read this article to know more about how to grow facial hair and grow hair naturally.

Some of you want to know about the tips of how to grow more facial hair and tips on growing hair quicker and faster. We will discuss some of the home remedies that will help you in a faster hair growth and getting thicker facial hair naturally.


Do Oil massage:

Olive oil or Sesame oil:

Olive oil or sesame oil are very good for improving hair growth so if you are looking for an answer of how to increase facial hair or how to grow more facial hair than an oil massage is your answer. This is one of the home remedies that have effective results in hair growth and making your hair texture thicker. If you want to grow more facial hair naturally you can do a daily massage of olive oil or sesame oil.

Jojoba and Grape seed oil:

Jojoba and grape seed oil is also very good to grow facial hair and these oils are also known for improving the hair texture. If you are facing a problem of less facial hair and want to grow more hair on your face than you should daily apply jojoba and grape seed oil on your facial hair areas and massage for few minutes. This oil massaging will help you to get thicker hair on your face.

Rosemary Essential Oil and Coconut Oil:

Many people these days use a mixture of rosemary essential oil and coconut oil to grow natural and thicker hair. All you need to do is make a mixture of one to ten proportions that is ten parts of coconut oil and one part of rosemary oil and apply this mixture on your face.Leave the oil on your face and wash your face after 20 minutes. Apply the mixture two times daily.

Experts say that a massage of these oils is recommendable for good hair growth. If you have acne or blackheads problem you should rather avoid oil massaging on face.


Apply Amla oil and Mustard leaves:

Amla oil is considered very well for hair growth and stops hair loss. To apply make a mixture of ΒΌ cup of amla oil with 3 Tbsp. mustard leaves, mix it up till a paste is formed. Apply this mixture on your face and wash your face after 20 minutes. You can also keep extra paste in the refrigerator for further use. For good results use this mixture daily on facial hair areas.


Use Cinnamon and Lime juice:

Another mask that is very good in increasing the facial hair growth is the mask of cinnamon and lime juice. Mix one tablespoon of powdered cinnamon with two tablespoon of lime juice and make a thin paste by mixing these ingredients. Apply this paste and keep the mask on for 30 minutes and wash afterwards. Do this procedure twice a day and feel the difference in your facial hair growth.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Applying apple cider vinegar is very good treatment for hair growth. All you need to do is apply some of the apple cider vinegar on your face; it will improve the hair growth and also gives a glow to your skin.


Garlic Products:

Garlic containing products help fighting hair loss problems and also help in improving hair growth. Garlic oil and onion prove to be good for hair growth. You can apply garlic oil on your face at night and wash your face before going to bed, this can be very good tip for growing your facial hair.


Minoxidil is a medication that is used for hair growth and is normally used to increase head hair growth but some studies show that it can also be used for facial hair growth. Take a bottle of minoxidil and holding it upside down, open it and squeeze some of the foam from it and apply the foam on your facial hair growth areas. A little dab of minoxidil is good for a quicker hair growth.


Facial and Moisturization:

Facial, a skin cleansing procedure improves your skin’s blood circulation and also helps in growing new facial hair naturally. Facial helps in stimulating faster hair growth.

Moisturization will make the skin soft thus creating a good atmosphere for growing faster healthy hair on the face. Using a moisturizer with eucalyptus is the best for growing facial hair quickly.


Have a Healthy Diet:

An unhealthy diet can also be a key factor in hair loss and poor hair growth.Junk food has a bad effect on the hair growth and hair texture. To grow facial hair one should intake healthy diet and rich sources of vitamins. Some food is very good for a good hair growth and should be included in your daily diet if a good facial hair growth is required. Foods that provide the body with the essential nourishments are banana, papaya, carrot, peanut, almond, tomato sauce, tuna, egg and sweet potato.


Vitamin Supplements:

As you know that vitamins are very good for your body health and deficiency of vitamins not only affects your body, nails and skin but also affects your hair. Your hair texture and hair growth can get better if you regularly take the vitamin supplements. Daily take Vitamin C,E,B1, B6 and B12 supplements to get healthy, thicker and a faster hair growth.